A bed bug is a small parasite that feeds on human and animal blood. They often live in beds, or other areas of the house in which have regular use. Bed bugs feed at night when the victim is defenceless and easiest to attack.

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Bed Bug Removal Brisbane

Did you know that bed bug removal is one of the most challenging pest control in Brisbane? Are you aware that bed bugs don’t fly yet they can travel everywhere? Have you been bitten by bed bugs at home? Are you worried that bed bugs will ruin your accommodation business? Do you need professional treatment for the pesky bed bugs in Brisbane?

Surprisingly, bed bugs are clever in that they can sense danger. As a result, getting rid of bed bugs in Brisbane becomes a massive challenge. Furthermore, bed bugs usually get out only at night which makes catching them definitely difficult.

Besides, these little bloodsucking monsters can survive months without food. In fact, harsh weather conditions do not stand a chance against their resilient body. Moreover, the bite of a bed bug is painless. Therefore, the host does not even feel the bite. Undoubtedly, all of these reasons make bed bugs a real danger. Therefore, you need experts by your side to successfully fight bed bugs.

Reliance Pest Control has been servicing the entire Brisbane with the most effective bed bug removal methods. In fact, we’ve mastered the skill with years of experience in dealing with bed bugs. Therefore, our team is fully capable of completely eradicating bed bugs from your home and property.

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Surprising Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t have wings but they are present in every tropical or hot place in the world. Surprisingly, bed bugs get to travel around the world by hitching a ride on travellers’ luggage. Therefore, these tiny pesky critters have been a huge problem in accommodation establishments.

However, Brisbane residents have also been complaining about these pests in their homes. Certainly, the infestation is one of the worst cases we have in the area. Clearly, they must have reached your home if you or a family member had a history of travel.

Of course, bed bugs bite to suck blood from their sleeping host. Unfortunately, they become the cause of your discomfort in bed resulting in insomnia. Hence, you should completely eradicate these pests sooner than later.

Can a Bed Bug Bite Be Life-Threatening?

As mentioned, bed bugs are a major problem in Brisbane. Naturally, bed bugs do not transmit diseases. However, their bite can cause severe medical complications in humans such as secondary bacterial infections. Unfortunately, bed bug bites can even be severe in some cases.

To explain, bed bugs use their saliva to draw blood from the host. However, since the bite of a bed bug is painless, the host will not feel a thing. But the bed bug then leaves the skin tattered. As a result, bed bugs leave human beings susceptible to conditions like lymphangitis and impetigo. Moreover, bed bug bites result in extreme discomfort that can also lead to insomnia and anxiety.

In general, bed bugs bite in a zigzag pattern. Besides, their bite often leaves an itchy bump on the skin. Moreover, the bite will eventually transform into swollen red spots. Therefore, if your Brisbane home or commercial property has bed bugs, call Reliance Pest Control right away. Surely, you do not want losing mind or business due to bed bugs.

Where Do Bed Bugs in Brisbane Usually Hide

Naturally, bed bugs hide in crevices and cracks making it challenging to administer bed bug removal. So, the easiest way to discover them is to look for faecal spots and eggs. Furthermore, bed bugs also often leave behind a musty odour, which can help you trace them.

However, bed bugs are clever and easily become untraceable. Therefore, you need bed bug experts by your side to fight the problem. For instance, the Reliance Pest Control team will do a thorough inspection of your Brisbane property. Thereafter, the team will inform you of the next course of action. Hence, if your attempts against bed bugs have been unsuccessful so far, call us today for the solution.

Contact Reliance Pest Control Bed Bug Experts

Sometimes, since bed bugs resemble many small insects, it becomes quite difficult to identify them. In fact, we have had instances when the reported bed bugs turned out to be other critters like bird lice. Therefore, you must first ascertain whether what you are dealing with is truly bed bugs or something else.

Unfortunately, detecting bed bugs isn’t easy. In other words, sometimes even doctors cannot correctly read a bed bug bite. However, the members of Reliance Pest Control have dealt with many bed bug cases. Therefore, we excel at correctly assessing bed bugs.

For effective bed bug removal in Brisbane, you can reach us at Reliance Pest Control. Specifically, you can call our bed bug experts today on 0477 557 202.

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