Best Mouse Trap Bait Ideas


Successfully catching a mouse is all about using the right bait, for the right amount of time. If you are using unappealing bait, you will not catch any mice/rats. If you are consistently using the same bait you will also drive away mice & rats, as they like variety just like any other animal. Although it is true that mice will be attracted to almost any type of food, when using the correct bait you will be guaranteed success in the long run.


When faced with certain types of food for example, mice find them simply irresistible. Which means the next logical step would be to provide food those mice simply can’t resist snacking on.


So What Are The Best Baits?

The all time best bait award goes to peanut butter. Peanut butter has a strong aroma to attract the mice and it is sticky, making it harder for them to run away with. Another great bait choice is cotton wool as mice breed frequently and are always looking for materials to build new nests.


How Much Bait Should I Use?

It is not necessary to use an excessive amount of bait, and is most likely better to use smaller amounts of bait in the long run. This is due to the fact that we only need enough bait in the trap to entice it to come closer; we are not actually feeding it after all. It is a bit of a balance, as you need enough of the bait for the mouse to smell, without having an abundance of bait smothered on your trap.


How Often Should I Replace The Bait

Every time you have caught a mouse, it is a good idea to replace the bait. Other mice could possibly pick up on this and might even deter them from taking the bait. Although this is unlikely, it is still best to replenish your mousetrap bait regularly in order to maximize overall successfulness.