How To Get Rid Of Roaches

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Cockroaches can be a real pest around the house, getting into food and laying eggs around the home. Some times it can feel like there just isn’t any way to get rid of them. Professional treatment such as that offered by Reliance pest Control is often the best answer, but being prepared and the minimising damage to your household is always a good idea. Getting rid of cockroaches naturally can be a slow and painful process, urging most people into using chemical cocktails, which can be harmful to pets and children alike. Keeping cockroaches out of your home can be done without any pest control concoctions, and here’s how.


Maintain A Tidy House

Cockroaches love dirt and grime more than anything in the world, which means you have to keep your household on guard. Keep that house spic and span! Start by ensuring that no dirty dishes are left out overnight for cockroaches to feast on. Clean the stovetop to remove any grease or grime, and sweep/vacuum the floors before you go to bed. Do this on regular intervals (daily) and the clean up ritual will only take about 15 minutes, not a bad deal hey!


Seal Up Cracks & Crevices

Inside your cupboards, between the countertop and the wall, and in the baseboards. Even the smallest hole can prove to be a serious problem, as roaches and a flurry of other insects need only the smallest of spaces to penetrate your home. As much effort as it may seem, you will see a significant reduction in the quantity of insects around your home because of your dedication.


Fix Water Leaks

Cockroaches are known for their survival skills, and are very good at surviving on very little. Although cockroaches can survive without food for up to a month however, they can NOT survive for more than a week without water. Remove their water supply by tightening even the smallest of leaks and slowly but surely they will dehydrate.