How to prevent pests

Pests can be a really troublesome issue when they have already invaded the house, so it’s much smarter to use preventative measures to ensure that the critters never get a chance to nest in your household. At our pest control Brisbane Company, we constantly see clients with infestations that have grown to the point where the troublesome pests have already caused substantial damage to property, this is not ideal. It is always best to call a professional as soon as you think you may be the victim of an incoming pest wave.


Some may think that preventing pests from entering the home is impossible; that whether or not you are infested with pests is simply luck of the draw. This could not be any further from the truth! With proper, constant preventative measures, pests can quite easily be repelled with very little impact on your daily life. Preventing pests generally speaking comes down to overall cleanliness. In this blog are just a few of the many ways you can ensure your house stays pest free with minimal effort or change to your daily schedule.


Bins are the number one place for insects to repopulate and feed, especially flies, which will lay there larva their which will turn into maggots and eventually flies, significantly increasing your population of household flies. This is an extremely simple problem to solve and can be done with very minimal effort, this doesn’t even necessarily mean emptying your bin more often. Simply leaving the lid on your bin closed will prevent flies from getting into the bin for long enough to lay eggs, and will help mask the scent given off by the rubbish which is sure to attract flies and other unwanted insects.


The dishwasher is another common area to find insects such as cockroaches feeding and even breeding, dirty dishwashers are full of grease and there is nothing a cockroach loves more than grease! To ensure you don’t have any pests living in or feeding on your dishwasher, ensure that it is regularly cleaned and that cracks under or leading to the dishwasher through cupboard walls are filled, and get into the habit of closing the dishwasher! Leaving the dishwasher open even a little bit will allow a myriad of insects to get in and wreak havoc.


Next on the list unsurprisingly are counter tops. If you have kids it can often be difficult to clean up spills and other stains constantly, and the countertop is definitely a hot zone. This regular cleaning really is necessary however as during the night all kinds of insects (cockroaches especially) will get onto the bench and feed on all of the grime and food particles that have been left throughout the day.


One you might not have though about is scrap wood left in the house or more likely outside of the house. Scrap woodpiles can entice termites, which will soon spread from this scrap woodpile to your home and depending upon location possibly even your neighbour’s homes. This is not ideal! Still concerned about the possibility of pests invading your home? Call our pest control Brisbane Company today for a free quote on preventative measures for your home!