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We all love summer time, apart from the endless onslaught of ants determined to get at your food of course. Nothing is more disappointing than finding your favorite box of cereal crawling with ants, and a trail that seems endless. Maybe you’ve even tried to lure the pests away to no avail. So, what can you do?

Here are 3 tips to keep those blasted ants away from your household. Best of all, recipes given are all natural and are made of household items.

Don’t be an easy target

The best way to prevent ants from entering your home is also the most obvious. Stop yourself from becoming a target by keeping a neat and tidy household! Scraps and spills will attract ants by the dozens. You can further fortify your household by filling any smalls cracks and crevices you may have around your household.

Peppermint Oil

You really can’t go wrong with this method. Start by giving all surfaces a thorough cleaning, then wipe them down with a damp rag that has a few drops of peppermint oil. Ants have been shown to dislike the scent given off by this oil and it is environmentally and child friendly. (Side note: Your kitchen will smell minty fresh with this method!)

Chalk and Baby powder

You can also try drawing a line of chalk or sprinkling baby powder on and around the areas ants seem to be amassing. This method works as talcum powder found in both chalk and baby powder is a natural ant repellent.

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