Keeping Pests Out of Your Garden!


If you have ever tended a garden, you know the hard work that goes into it. So the last thing any gardener wants is to see their labor get destroyed by unwanted pests. It’s become a constant battle for Australians every year to keep pests away from ruining your beautiful garden. For this reason Reliance Pest Control Brisbane has put together a list of tips to help you keep those stupid pests away and out of your precious garden.

Keep any Plants Dry

This might seem counter intuitive to some green thumbs out there, but keeping a plant dry for as long as possible makes a garden seem less inviting. Many achieve this by watering in the morning to ensure that the sun has time to dry up the excess moisture.

Try Homemade Pesticide

The reason why many gardeners grow his/her own fruits and vegetables is to avoid their food getting contaminated with unwanted chemicals. The most effective deterrents for insects like Aphids is a lethal concoction of things found common kitchens. 1 tablespoon canola oil and a few drops of soap added to about a quart of water, shake it well and add to a spray bottle to mist your plants.

Keep Your Garden Neat

At times gardeners tend to free there gardens of weeds and dead plants to ensure it stays looking healthy.

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