Maintain a termite-free deck with the help of Reliance Pest Control Brisbane

Part of maintaining a beautiful home is making sure that your deck is always as good as new.  Many factors cause wooden decks to deteriorate.  Foot traffic, pests, and exposure to sunlight and rain are some of the things that can destroy decks.  Deck repair will surely cost you a lot. Thus, you need to protect your deck by ensuring regular maintenance and getting professional pest control services in Brisbane. Here are the preventive measures you can work on to maintain your decks.


Choose the right wood


Starting it right can spare you from a lot of headaches in the future.  If you are planning to build or rebuild your deck, make sure to select the right wood for your deck. Proper wood selection is crucial in termite prevention. Pressure-treated or hardwood makes good material for decks as this type of wood is not prone to termite infestation.


Keep your deck dry


Moisture is essential for the survival of termites.  From their ground nest up to the inside of your home, these pests will build mud tunnels to be protected from dry conditions. If you fail to prevent the growth of termites, you might need to get pest control services in Brisbane. Since constant moisture is very important in the survival of a termite colony, a good way to get rid of termites is to keep your deck always moisture-free. Get rid of leaks in the deck. In case it rains, make sure you have a way of effectively draining water.


Ensure regular maintenance


Having a deck at home is just like having a garden.  You can’t expect a beautiful garden without going through the dirty works.  The same goes for having a quality deck at home.  If you don’t spend time to maintain your deck, you will have to suffer the consequences of having a worn-out deck.  So check your decks for what needs to be repaired before pests thrive in it.  Regular maintenance of the deck must include tightening loose boards and railings and checking your deck for any cracks and leaks. Likewise, make sure to seal your deck to protect it against moisture and sunshine.  Sealing the wooden deck can help prevent shrinking and drying of the wood, which causes the wood to crack and warp in the long run.


Pest Control Termite Inspection

Part of maintaining a termite-free deck is investing in preventative pest control and one that is highly recommended is not only just for decks but the entire property. There are two types of termite pest solutions: one is a visual or thermal imaging termite inspection, the other is to invest in a termite barrier.

The one we recommend is Termidor chemical barrier as it has a $2M 8 year assurance that the termites will not attack after it is installed and the warranty conditions are applied. An expert pest control service like Reliance Pest Control Brisbane who has years of experience are the ones you call when you need a termite pest inspection.


If you want to maintain the quality of your home including the deck, make sure to invest in these preventive measures. Spare yourself from costly deck repairs by working on regular maintenance and getting professional pest control services from us.

Even in terms of home management, prevention is always better than cure.


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