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Have you been looking for the most effective expert mice removal in Brisbane? Are you tired of dealing with the stubborn mice in your home or business? Did you know that mice can cause serious health problems? Would you opt for a pest control company that has an excellent track record for mice removal? Generally, do you need pest experts that are trusted and reliable in the entire Brisbane area?

If you are currently looking for the top-rated pest control services in Brisbane, you can count on Reliance Pest Control. Specifically, we specialise in expert mice removal and all other common pests in homes and businesses. For instance, we provide services on the elimination of termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants. Also, we have effective methods on eradicating fleas, rats, bees, and a lot more.

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COVID-19 Worsened Mice Infestation Problem

Over the last few years, many Brisbane homeowners have approached us regarding mice infestation. Surprisingly, mice infestation is a common problem in Brisbane. Furthermore, the infestation in homes has become even worse since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To explain, the pandemic had forced many businesses to shut down completely. Hence, pests like mice that rely on restaurants and other food business places for food had to go somewhere. Clearly, this has further amplified the problem of mice infestation.

To clarify, the mice that earlier inhabited food joints are now moving to homes in search of food. Therefore, residential areas have become the new targets of mice.

Reliance Pest Control has been following the situation for a long time. Hence, our team is well-prepared to help homeowners tackle this problem. So, if you want to book our services, call us at 0477 557 202. Alternatively, you can also use our website to book our services in less than 60 seconds.

How Are Mice Different from Rats?

Surprisingly, not everyone knows the difference between mice and rats. In fact, many people get confused about identifying one from the other. In other words, most homeowners do not understand the difference between these critters.

Generally, rats and mice differ in so many ways. Firstly, rats are much larger than mice. To clarify, mice usually reach a body length between 2 to 4 inches. On the contrary, rats usually measure between 9 to 11 inches.

Secondly, mice have hairier tails than rats. However, mice have weaker teeth than rats. Therefore, unlike rats, they cannot destroy stronger and harder items, such as plastic. Thirdly, mice have better climbing skills than rats. Hence, while rats prefer to stay in the basemen while mice prefer attics and ceilings. Lastly, mice are a bigger menace than rats because they produce up to 100 droppings a day. On the other hand, rats produce only up to 50 droppings a day.

Why Are Mice a Big Threat in Brisbane?

Surely, we should consider mice worse than rats. To explain, mice breed more than rats. In other words, they are better at baby-making than rats. In fact, female mice can reproduce up to 10 times each year. To illustrate, mice produce 13 to 14 babies in each litter. Therefore, a female mouse can produce up to 140 babies a year. However, most mice produce up to 60 babies every year, which is also a gigantic number.

In conclusion, the rapid growth of mice population is enough reason for immediate request for mice removal in Brisbane. Specifically, leaving them active for a year would allow them to multiply in hundreds in population.

What Diseases Do Mice Cause?

In general, mice are unbelievably dirty. Therefore, they can easily transmit many diseases to human beings. Specifically, Mice carry various bacteria in their body. Unfortunately, they pass on these bacteria to human beings.

For example, hantavirus and rat-bite fever are two diseases that mice cause. Furthermore, mice have also been responsible for cases of leptospirosis, salmonellosis and bubonic plague.

In general, mice transmit diseases to human beings in several different ways. However, food contamination continues to be the most common way of disease transmission. Moreover, they can also infect human beings through their saliva, urine and faeces. Lastly, like rats, mice also cause fleas, lice and ticks, which cause additional problems.

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What are Mice?

Mice are small rodents with a round bodies, large ears and  a pointed nose. There are hundreds of types of mice, divided into subcategories species. Common varieties include house, wood , field , spiny, deer and zebra mouse.

How to Spot a Mice Infestation?

Mice are found in nearly every country and every type of terrain. They typically live in forests, grasslands and manmade structures easily. Mice tend to make a burrow underground if they live out in the wild. Their burrow helps protect them from other predators.