Why do I need Reliance Pest Control Brisbane?

It’s a fair question, you didn’t ask for the pests to invade your home, so why in tarnation should you be paying for professional Reliance pest control? You can just do it yourself and save a few bucks right? Unfortunately, no, you cannot just do it yourself. This comes down to the fact that professional pest control consists of a lot more than spraying an ant nest with a few cans of fly spray and hoping for the best. Our profession is heavily regulated and we undergo constant training in order to be able to identify specific signs of pest infestation the average person simply wouldn’t notice. Like many things in life, pest control looks quite simple until you’re in charge of removing the pests.

What makes pests extremely hard to deal with put quite simply, is their ability to survive human intervention. This means that extra care must be taken to ensure that the proper, most effective methods are used, and that these methods are executed to perfection. If only a singular pest lives, there is a chance it will find a mate and the process will start all over again. This is not ideal. This is a huge advantage hiring a professional pest control Brisbane technician will give you, if the pests come back, so do we. This means that for one lump sum payment you will be guaranteed the removal of all pests from your residence, our service not only delivers results, it delivers piece of mind.

If you think you may have an unusually large pest presence in your residence, it is best not to attempt to fix this problem yourself, as you are just as likely to enrage the situation, as you are to fix it. Reliance pest control rates are extremely affordable for the quality of service and piece of mind we deliver. If you think you may have an infestation, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible to deal with the problem before it becomes a significant problem. We can also install preventative measures to ensure that you don’t have any more pest problems in the future, further ensuring our customers piece of mind.

Reliance Pest Control Brisbane deals with the following pests:

  • Cockroaches– We inspect harbourage areas (Kitchen, Bathrooms etc.) for signs of Cockroach Activity.
  • Ants– We identify the species of Ants causing problems, this is important to establish, trailing back to the nest and decide on best way to treat the problem.
  • Spiders– We identify the species of Spiders causing problems (Webbing, Crawly or Hunting Spiders), inspect Roof Void, Inside & Outside of your residence.
  • Silverfish– We identify areas were silverfish harbour (books, clothes, bathrooms, toilets, roof & wall voids.
  • Rats– We identify the species of Rats causing problems; inspect your home for Droppings, from the kitchen to the roof void and around the home.
  • Mice– We identify the species of Mice causing problems; inspect your home for Droppings, from the kitchen to the roof void and around the home.
  • Fleas– We inspect harbourage areas (Kitchen, Bathrooms etc.) for signs of Flea Activity.
  • Mosquitoes– We identify and inspect areas where still water could form and produce a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Bed Bugs– We inspect all upholstered areas such as beds, couches, cushions etc. for signs of bed bugs or bed bug activity (musty bed bug smell, egg shells, faecal matter spots)