Pest Control Brisbane – Bed Bugs

Bed bug pest control brisbane

Staff at Reliance Pest Control are preparing for the large job of pest control in Brisbane over summer. Whether it be termites or bedbugs here at Reliance Pest Control we have seen it all. Bed bugs however, have proven to be a serious problem In all states including Queensland. During the summer months’ bed bug reproduction rates spike significantly. This causes a large increase in reported cases of pest control Brisbane requests. So how can you protect yourself from unwanted visitors setting up camp in your bed this summer season?

It is first important to confirm the identity of the pest. Bed bugs range in colour and variate from nearly white after they molt to a light tan, a deep brown, to a burnt orange. Although bed bugs are most often found in beds, you may also find them hiding throughout the infected room.

If you suspect you may have bed bugs in your clothing/luggage you should immediately put all clothing through a dry or hot wash cycle. Disinfect the remainder of your bags with no pest strips, and encase in a garbage bag. Allow this to sit for at least two weeks two ensure all remaining bugs have been exterminated.

Do you need professional pest control?

Sometimes it is better to call the professionals to ensure swift and thorough pest control. Typical over the counter chemicals can actually make your problem significantly worse. This happens when bugs sense the chemicals and scatter making your problem much harder to fix. The professional staff at Reliance Pest Control have years of experience, and are guaranteed to fix your problem at an affordable price.