Having a European wasp problem? Avail of Pest Control Services in Brisbane

The European wasp or Vespula Germanica is a common pest in Australia. This non-native type of wasp was first found in Tasmania in 1959.  Today, European wasps can be found in different parts of Australia, and a wasp infestation is one of the common reasons people seek professional Pest Control Services in Brisbane.


Aggressive Wasps


European wasps have black and yellow bands in the abdomen, with black spots on each yellow band.  They often build their nests either in roof and wall holes or tree stumps. A single nest can be a shelter to around 10,000 wasps.


Workers wasps go out of the nest to search for food.  They are mainly attracted to sweet food and drink, as well as meats.  Therefore, it is not surprising that they choose to live where humans are.  The steady supply of food and drinks inside homes and workplaces is very inviting for European wasps.


European wasps are far more aggressive compared to other types of wasps. Unlike bees, these wasps are known for stinging multiple times. They also do not die after stinging. What’s worse is that their sting is extremely painful and may cause swelling. Known to be predators, European wasps may attack when their nest is disturbed.


Danger to Human


The European wasp may cause you more than just a painful sting.  If stings are multiple, a person may experience a severe systemic reaction. Some people have an allergic reaction to wasp stings. Thus, without proper and immediate medical intervention, a wasp sting can be very dangerous. In twenty years, seven deaths attributed to wasp stings have been recorded in Australia.


While a simple cold pack may help relieve European wasp sting pain, there is a need to seek medical attention in cases where the sting victim is known to have sting allergies.  However, prevention is still better than cure or pain relief.  Thus, it is advisable to get rid of these pests before they even sting you or any of your loved ones.  Seek the help of professionals offering Pest Control Services in Brisbane.


Get rid of European wasps through pest control


Our experienced team of professionals at Reliance Pest Control Brisbane can help solve your wasp control issues. We are knowledgeable in the nature and habits of European wasps, and we have developed an effective pest control treatment specifically for wasps.


Our pest control professional team will visit your home to inspect and assess the extent of your pest problem. Once they have determined the severity of the wasp infestation in your place, they will recommend a pest control plan tailored to your environment.


You can rest assured of your safety as our technicians use only environmentally friendly and safe forms of treatment.

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