Pest Control Tips for Summer 2016

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Reliance Pest control only uses the most highly effective and proven up to date treatments on the market today, and our Pest Technicians are trained in the latest Pest Control techniques and can advise of the best possible solutions to your pest problems.

Help keep pests away from your home or business with these pest control tips for summer:

First line of defence
Make it difficult for pests to gain entry. Check around doors and windows for gaps, and replace window stripping when needed.

Clean as you go
Wipe up spills, crumbs, dishes, empty trash etc. The sooner it’s cleaned up the better. Remember ants and other insects love food too so don’t leave it lying around to attract them.

Standing water about? Get rid of it
Mosquitos like to breed in standing water, it’s basically an invitation them to make baby mosquitos. Standing water is not always easy to spot so it’s good to regularly check around the house. Check for leaks in piping and in places that may create water such as near your air conditioning unit.

Tidy exterior
While keeping this inside is important, so is the outside. Overgrown yards are great places for pests and their nests. 

Over ripe fruit
Fruit flies will come swarming if fruit is left out too long.

Got firewood?
Termites want to get to your house. To help prevent this, where possible store above ground in racking, make sure it’s as far away from the house as possible with a minimum of five feet.

Timing of food throw-outs
Try to time the throwing out of foods reasonably close to rubbish pick up day. This will ensure the insects won’t have enough time to get to it.

Anything outdoor
Regularly check outdoor furniture and decking for spider webs and egg sacks. Remove immediately

Outside equipment
If you require to bring any outdoor equipment inside make sure it’s well cleaned.

Use a Pest Control Service

While there are a lot of things you can do to try and prevent pests around your home, sometimes you just need to bring in the pros.

Reliance Pest control is a locally owned and operated Pest Control Company and we are the ones to call for all your residential and commercial pest control solutions.

We service Brisbane and the surrounding areas of South East Queensland and are committed to Customer Service and ensuring your family and pets safety comes first

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