Reliance Pest Control Rat Treatment

We identify the species of Rats causing problems, inspect your home for Rat Droppings, from the kitchen to the roof void and around the home.

Our Treatments would mainly be baiting as trapping can be unreachable, baits would be recommended both inside and outside, as well as the roof void, we only use lockable stations for maximum safety. The baits work by making the rodents seeking water and they leave your home to find it, this greatly reduces the chance of them dying and smelling up your home. Our Technicians will recommend the best places to treat and with consultation with you where and how we proceed with the treatment.

Why do need Rat Control?

  • Eating & contaminating your food
  • Cause physical damage to your home by gnawing electrical cables, furniture, equipment, machinery.
  • Rats can cause disease (contracting through urine) and snakes would be attracted around the home as Rodents are a main food source.

What are Rats?

Rats are long-tailed nocturnal rodents of the superfamily Muroidea. Nocturnal meaning they are active at night which makes it difficult for home owners to find them. True rats are members of the genus Rattus, the most important of which to humans are the black rat, Rattus rattus, and the brown rat, Rattus norvegicus.

How to Spot a Rat Infestation?

Rats have teeth that grow constantly. They tend to bite on plastic and wood to keep them trim, think of it as them brushing their teeth. They have also been known to cause fire due to them chewing through electrical cables within the home.