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Are you looking for effective spider removal in the Brisbane area and surrounds? Did you know that most spiders are dangerous if they stay in or near your home? Do you want trusted spider experts in your locality to remove spider infestation?

Without a doubt, spider infestation quite a common pest problem in Brisbane. In fact, this area is home to a portion of over 10,000 species of spiders that exist in the country. Surprisingly, these species now exist in both rural as well as urban areas.

Unfortunately, a spider bite can be lethal. Therefore, people with a spider infestation must do everything they can to remove these pests. Thankfully, Reliance Pest Control has been offering cost-effective spider infestation treatment for Brisbane occupants.

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Our Team Treats All Kinds of Spider Infestation

Absolutely, Australia is home to a wide range of spider species. As mentioned, the country has more than 10,000 species. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous of them are in the Brisbane area.

For instance, you will encounter the funnel-web spiders and the redback spiders. Besides, Brisbane occupants will usually have problems with a wolf spider, black house spiders, and mouse spiders. Moreover, white-tail spiders, huntsman spiders, garden orb spiders, and trap door spiders are equally dangerous.

Reliance Pest Control have been trained for the removal all these spider species. So, call our team today!

We Are Ready to Remove the Deadliest Spider –Funnel-Web Spider

Without a doubt, the funnel-web spider is considered to be the deadliest species. Particularly, these spiders use humid and sheltered spaces as homes. Therefore, you can commonly find them in gardens and backyards.

In particular, this species thrives under rocks, shrubs, and rotting logs. Additionally, they also live well inside rough-barked trees. However, the burrows of funnel web-spiders are quite easy to spot. Specifically, you can look for silk trip-lines and you will know where the spiders are.

Absolutely, you would not want to encounter these venomous spiders. In fact, they had caused around 13 deaths before the antivenin became available in 1981. Hence, it’s the top priority in terms of spider removal in Brisbane.

Our Team Can Deal with Redback and Mouse Spiders

Certainly, redback spiders are another popular dangerous spider species in Brisbane. Unfortunately, the number of these spiders is increasing due to Brisbane’s ideal temperature. In general, redback spiders are found in sheds, storage spaces, and verandas. Similarly, they are also found in industrial areas.

On the other hand, mouse spiders are commonly found around banks, rivers, and other waterways. That apart, they are also found in gardens. Generally, this species burrows into the ground to make homes.

Also, female mouse spiders remain close to the burrow. On the contrary, you’ll find male mouse spiders wandering around. In general, these spiders range from 10 mm to 35 mm in length. Further, they have wide heads and bright orange or red face. Unfortunately, they are also venomous. Their bite can be as lethal as the bite of the funnel-web spider.

Beware of Recluse Spiders, Trapdoor Spiders, and Tarantulas

Factually, recluse spiders or fiddle-back spiders that have existed in Brisbane for over 20 years. Mostly, their bite is painless. However, in some cases, the bite may sting badly. Furthermore, though this species is not venomous, it can cause skin allergies. Besides, these spiders can also damage to your blood cells and cause renal or kidney failure.

Also, you have to beware of the trapdoor spiders. More often than not, trapdoor spiders live underground. For instance, gardens are their usual homes. Moreover, they camouflage their home to make it easy for them to catch their prey.

Thankfully, trapdoor spiders are not aggressive by nature. In fact, they bite only when you tease or disturb them. However, when they bite, the pain is excruciating. Furthermore, the bite of a trapdoor spider can lead to nausea, itching and lethargy.

Finally, you also have to avoid tarantulas. Specifically, tarantulas are common in Brisbane. In general, they are commonly found in forest areas. However, it is not rare to find them in residential areas as well.

Absolutely, tarantulas are strong. Naturally, they prey on small birds and reptiles. Interestingly, they are famous for their flirty mating dance. Unfortunately, tarantulas do attack humans. In fact, when they do, it is quite painful. Furthermore, their bite can cause nausea and vomiting. That apart, tarantulas are dangerous to pets because their bite can even kill dogs.

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Whatever spider species you are dealing with, our Reliance Pest Control team is ready for immediate help. In fact, our years of spider removal experience in Brisbane has made us experts in this field. Therefore, you can rely on us to get rid of any kind of spider.

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What are Spiders?

Spiders are eight-legged predatory creatures with an unsegmented body consisting of a fused head and thorax and a rounded abdomen. Spiders have sharp fangs which inject poison into their prey upon bite, and most kinds spin webs in which to capture insects.

Most Common types of Spiders

Daddy Long Legs Spider

daddy long legs pest control brisbane

Huntsman Spider

hunstman pest control brisbane

Redback Spider

redback spider pest control brisbane