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When Should I Call In Pest Control?

You might be wondering when and how often you need to call pet control. Sometimes you don’t even know that you have pests in or around your house. Other times it’s easy to tell – you see cockroaches around or are getting bitten by mosquitoes. Mice One…
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Got Mice?

Have you found yourself in the middle of an unwarranted fight with an on coming hoard of relentless mice that won't take no for an answer? It's not a great feeling being on the losing side of a pest infestation, and the situation can turn from…

Why do I need Reliance Pest Control Brisbane?

It’s a fair question, you didn’t ask for the pests to invade your home, so why in tarnation should you be paying for professional Reliance pest control? You can just do it yourself and save a few bucks right? Unfortunately, no, you cannot…