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Reliance Pest Control Brisbane – Termite Barriers


Once we find that you have live termites we will talk to you to discuss your options as left untreated the termites will continue to eat away at all the wood work in and around your property.

Here I explain the steps we would take after discussing this with you.

As the word suggests we chase the live termites out and what happens is that because they are such a social insect we coat them with a dust that they rub past each other as they make their way back to the nest and kill the termites.

This is not a permanent solution as the termites do return to further destroy your property.

We choose Termidor treatment as the most superior product out today and here is why Termidor gives an 8 year $2M dollar assurancethat the termites will not return!

For our company this is the best product on the market to safe guard our customers from further attack and there is no other chemical treatment out today that will stand behind their treatment and give the same warranty.

For the reasons stated above we choose only chemical barriers the chemical barrier is 200mm out from the house 100mm deep and 70mm wide it covers the external footings all the way around on a slab. If on a sub floor go around the footings and piers.

BAIT STATIONS are set up around the home set up with the bait of timber inside the station. What is suppose to happen is that the bait stations are supposed to be checked regularly to see if the termites have taken the bait. We have found in our experience that the bait stations are more expensive due to the visits to inspect the stations and this is sometimes these visits have been forgotten and the termites have entered the property which has resulted in damage to wood structures.

If we find that on our inspections that we do find live termites the cost of the termite inspection is deducted from the chemical barrier installation. Quotes are done on an individual basis due to the many variables involved.

This will be discussed with the property owner when we have made our assessment.

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