Do You Need a Termite Inspection Brisbane?


It’s an easy question of when do I need a termite inspection Brisbane? as termites work 24/7 365 days of the year and the Queen termite can produce up to 30,000 LIVE hungry termites per day!

Termites can cause massive destruction in as little as 6 months (see the video below)

As you can see by the video that termite infestation Brisbane can go undetected for months while the termites eat and destroy your investment.

There has even been so much damage done to a property that it only ends up being worth land value only!


Basically there are 2 types of inspections that you use for either your general maintenance OR when you are thinking of purchasing a home and want to ensure that you are NOT buying someone else’s problem you can order a pre-purchase termite inspection.


Our termite expert will use a torch, tapping tool and moisture meter as he goes about visually looking at warping in the walls, any unevenness in the floors, checking roofing void for signs that termites have been there or are live in the property.

The technician will also look at fence lines, any trees on the property, garages and other structures outside as well.


  • He will also look at possible high risk areas
  • All his findings will be covered in his report
  • Also, he will discuss solutions for you to consider



Here technology steps in and we use the latest thermal imaging tools that allow the technician to see beyond what the human eye can see inside walls, under the house and places where there is no crawl room that can safely send our technicians.

As a property owner especially when thinking of purchasing a property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars you do not want to be forking out thousands of dollars more replacing timbers that have been eaten away.



  • Can see movement inside the walls
  • Detects body heat from the termites
  • Can detect plumbing faults e.g.: leaking behind the walls
  • Electrical faults
  • Show pictures that clearly define the problem


Both methods give you the home owner peace of mind when you are protecting your property. No insurance policy covers thermite infestation damage you the homeowner are the ones that foot the bill.

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