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Termite inspection should be on the top of every home owner’s maintenance plan, because termites can have a devastating effect on your property should termites find their way into your property.

The average house price in Brisbane CBD according to realestate.com.au at the moment is $487K a home is the most expensive item a person will invest in so therefore it makes sense to protect your property from termites.

Termites can destroy a home rendering it to only be worth the land value as all the woodwork has been eaten away.

Termites can be in trees and woodlands that surround your property and can make their way from the tree into garden bed sleepers and timber fences before making their way to silently eat your home to the ground.

None of this is can be claimed on insurance so it makes sense to book a termite inspection that would give you peace of mind.




(1) Visual Inspection:
This is where the pest manager will have a visual look for signs of termites which would include and not limited to inspection of garden beds, climbing in the roof void, under the house, along skirting boards, architraves, door frames etc. He will also have a tapping tool along with a moisture meter he will be looking for powder like material on the floor, sponginess of the frames and signs of mud tunnels that termites use when they enter a property. Also, looking for water leaks as termites are attracted to a water source.


(2) Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging lets the pest manager to see through walls and floors that the human eye cannot see. Thermal imaging picks up a body heat of the termites, movement and moisture.

This alone for the would be home buyer is a boom as it picks up housing faults like plumbing and electricity that building inspectors cannot see inside walls without thermal imaging.

Here is a short video on the damage termites can do to your home:


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