What are Wasps?

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Do you need professional wasp removal experts in the Brisbane area? Are you worried about the danger that wasps bring to your family? Did you know that wasps have been quite a huge problem in homes and buildings? Are looking for trusted wasp experts that can completely clear your place with these pests?

Like bees, wasps are also quite common in Brisbane. In fact, they are abundantly present in both residential as well as industrial spaces. Furthermore, much like bees, wasps also attack when you disturb them. Therefore, if you are dealing with a wasp colony or infestation, call Reliance Pest Control today.

You can reach our team on 0477 557 202 for expert wasp removal services. Also, we have an enquiry form that you can use to enquire about all the amazing pest control services that we have. Hence, we have solutions to every pest infestation. For instance, we deal with cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, fleas, and any pest under the sun.

What’s the Difference Between Wasps and Bees

Absolutely, both bees and wasps are dangerous when they sting people. However, bees and wasps are different in many ways. First, while bees are hairy, wasps have smooth skin. Second, bees feed on ripe fruits, pollen, and nectar.

On the other hand, wasps are carnivores that feed on ants, bees, spiders, caterpillars, etc. However, wasps also enjoy sugary foods and thus, attack sodas, candies, ripe fruits, etc. Most importantly, while bees only sting once, wasps can bite multiple times. Unlike bees, wasps do not lose their stinger after a bite and do not die.

Lastly, bees make their hive with wax. On the contrary, wasps build their nest with wood fibre. In conclusion, wasps are more harmful to humans than bees. Therefore, homeowners with a wasp infestation must not delay calling Reliance Pest Control removal experts.

Some Dangerous Wasp Species Found in Brisbane

Brisbane is home to many dangerous wasps. In fact, the place has been quite a perfect habitat for many of their species. For instance, European wasps and common wasps are quite commonly present in Brisbane.

Similarly, Native paper, Asian paper, sand wasps, tree-brown paper, and mud-nesting wasps are also common. Unfortunately, all these wasp species are dangerous. Absolutely, their sting causes excruciating pain. Most horribly, their sting can even land you in a hospital.

Why Are Wasp Infestation Dangerous?

Naturally, a wasp sting is dangerous to humans. To explain, the wasp sting delivers a venom into a person’s body. As a result, one feels a sharp pain after the sting. Besides, a sting from a wasp causes irritation and pain.

Moreover, their sting can also lead to swelling and itching. However, what most people do not know is that wasps can cause death. In particular, an aggravated allergic reaction from a wasp sting can lead to anaphylaxis. So, if that happens, seek immediate medical attention.

How to Protect Your Home Against a Wasp Infestation

In general, wasps make their homes in sheltered and warm zones. So, residential areas make great homes for wasps. In conclusion, if you want to keep wasps away, protect your home against wind, rain, and direct sunlight.

Furthermore, wasps tend to enter into homes during the winter season. Therefore, it is wise to keep windows and doors closed, especially during the winter season.

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