Reliance Pest Control Ant Treatment

We identify the species of Ants causing problems, this is important to establish, what food they are targeting, trailing back to the nest and decide on best way to treat the problem.

Our Treatments range from Liquid Spray, Dry Powder to Granules. All of these methods are safe to people and pets (there are no harsh chemicals on the market today). Our Technicians will recommend the best places to treat and with consultation with you on where and how we proceed with the treatment.

Why do you need Ant Control?

  • Food Spoilage
  • Appliance & Electrical Equipment Damage
  • Roof & Walls Damage
  • They can make a mess outside you home as well Itchy & Painful Bites Prevented

What are Ants?

Ants are small insects typically having a sting and living in large colonies or groups. There are more than 10,000 ant species worldwide, however only about 25 species commonly infest homes. An ants life span usually varies from several weeks to several years.

Most Common Types of Ants in your Home

Black/ Carpenter Ant

carpenter ant pest control brisbane

Fire Ant

ant pest control

Brown Ant

brown ant pest control brisbane

How to Avoid an Ant Infestation

Once Ants have located a promising food source, they will communicate with others by leaving an invisible chemical trail directing to the source for other ants to follow. These trails can be discovered when you see several ants in the one line. What you will want to do once you have discovered the ant trail is vacuum it, then wipe it down with soapy water or vinegar. Also, storing your food properly is a necessity to prevent an ant infestation.

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